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Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan is primarily for use when making planning decisions. If a change is proposed within Dronfield then North East Derbyshire District Council must refer to the Neighbourhood Plan to ensure that the proposals are in keeping with its policies. However, Dronfield has chosen to use this opportunity to set out a vision for the town and identify a number of projects which will improve it and create a better future for residents and visitors.

Dronfield sits within the North East Derbyshire district which as a whole is currently subject to the development of a Local Plan. In addition NEDDC commissioned a report entitled Dronfield 2035 which developed a vision and strategy for the town centre. Dronfield's Neighbourhood Plan acknowledges the vision, objectives and strategy of the Local Plan and the Dronfield 2035 document. The Town Council however wished to create a plan which specifically addressed the needs of the town.

In July 2016 a Steering Group was formed, chaired by the Leader of the Council. By September 2016 Dronfield was officially designated as a neighbourhood area for the purposes of Section 61G of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

In March 2017 Dronfield Town Council carried out four community consultation drop-in events to capture the thoughts and feelings of the community. The events were held in the town centre at the Civic Hall, during the week and weekend to allow maximum participation. A series of open ended questions were produced and residents were invited to comment on the 6 topics which form the Neighbourhood Plan. Further consultation is planned as the plan is developed.

For more information please contact lorna.vertigan@dronfield.gov.uk