26th May 2024

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Bleed Kits installed in Dronfield

Bleed Kits installed in Dronfield

Dronfield Town Council are pleased to support the Dronfield Rotary Club with their Bleed Kit project. The Rotary Club have funded the purchase of Bleed Kits through proceeds from their weekly Community Lottery and dentations to the 2023 Santa's Sleigh attraction.

Bleed Kits are specifically designed to handle 'life threatening bleeding'. In the event of a traumatic injury, a person can lose critical amounts of blood within minutes.

A bleed kit package that includes items like haemostatic dressings, trauma dressings, and a tourniquet can benefit a community in several ways. This type of package can be vital in emergencies where there is a severe bleeding injury, allowing bystanders or the injured person themselves to provide immediate aid while waiting for professional medical help.

Civic Hall Bleed Kit

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Cliffe Park Bleed Kit

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The Rotary Club are still looking for new locations for Bleed Kits in Dronfield.

If you have a a suitable site, please contact lizhep@sky.com.

Posted: Mon, 29 Apr 2024 15:12 by Michael Keys

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