25th May 2024

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Tree Maintenance In Cliffe Park

Tree Maintenance In Cliffe Park

Tree maintenance has begun in Cliffe Park this week, following a tree survey requested by Dronfield Town Council.

A tree survey is carried out approximately every five years to determine the condition of all the trees within the park.

The independent tree inspection identified 10 trees as dead, diseased, or dying and therefore the recommendation from the tree surgeon was to fell those trees affected. A majority of trees also required general maintenance work to be carried out, which will include work such as pruning, crown lifting and crown thinning.

The work is set to greatly improve the environment of the park and the health of the trees.

Dronfield Town Council plan to replant trees within the park to replace those that have been felled, once all tree maintenance works have been completed.

Posted: Wed, 8 Nov 2023 10:56 by Michael Keys

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