18th June 2024

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Homes plan for Gladys Buxton Site

A proposed development of 36 houses was discussed at the September Town Council meeting.

The planning application, made by Rockliffe Homes for 20 three-bedroom and 16 four-bedroom homes, is under consultation with planning officers at NE Derbyshire District Council.

The site is classed as 'brownfield' and is included in the Dronfield Neighbourhood Plan for development.

The Town Council has written in opposition to the current application, highlighting several points: There are no affordable two-bedroom houses or house suitable for the older generation; there are no plans from the developer to replace the loss of 29 trees; the developer has also made an assessment of viability and concluded there are no Section 106 contributions to be made.

Coun Martin Hanrahan said: "A development of this size will have a substantial effect on local services, roads, and health provisions. There is a clear expectation that monies should come from the developer through Section 106 provision to mitigate the impact on the infrastructure of the area."

Posted: Fri, 23 Sep 2022

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