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Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness Week – 18-24 July 2022

Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness Week – 18-24 July 2022

Organisations across Derbyshire are supporting national Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness Week to help residents understand what is and what is not anti-social behaviour and how you can report it.

We're encouraging everyone to think about their behaviour and how it may affect their neighbours and the wider community. We know respect and tolerance is a two-way street, so stop and ask yourself: "Is a party a regular occurrence or just a one-off for a special occasion? Are the young people just playing or are they being threatening or becoming a nuisance?"

By being considerate of your neighbours and tolerant of acceptable behaviour, situations can be diffused, and misunderstandings avoided. People may not realise that their behaviour is causing a problem so a simple conversation might be enough for it to stop.

However, where there is repeated anti-social behaviour, the police, councils and housing providers are working together to help people who are affected by it.

Derbyshire Anti-Social Behaviour Hub is an online resource for residents, providing lots of information about anti-social behaviour, including how to report and what support is available.

If a specific issue needs reporting to the police, you can visit www.derbyshire.police.uk and search 'ASB'. You can also call 101 but, to report a crime in progress or, if someone is in immediate danger, call 999.

Posted: Wed, 20 Jul 2022

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