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Commissioner's £100k grant scheme to help communities get tough on antisocial behaviour

Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster

Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster has unveiled details of a new £100k grant scheme designed to enable voluntary and community groups to tackle antisocial behaviour.

The Commissioner is determined to respond to the neighbourhood issues that cause misery to local people and has committed £100k from her budget to the launch of an Antisocial Behaviour Prevention Grant.

The funding - available in grants of up to £5k - is being launched during Antisocial Behaviour Awareness Week (July 19-25) in support of projects aiming to prevent problems developing in the first place as well as those that help to reassure residents and make them feel safer.

It will also be used to help the Commissioner respond to immediate antisocial behaviour issues identified by the Police and Community Safety Partnerships and develop new grassroots community groups to bring local people together.

The funding is one of two schemes being launched by the Commissioner in 2021-22 totalling £200k. The second scheme, due to be unveiled in the next six months, will support projects that aim to improve road safety.

Commissioner Angelique Foster said: "Antisocial behaviour has a serious impact on mental wellbeing and health and often leaves victims fearful and anxious.

"Our communities in Derbyshire deserve this issue to be treated seriously and for every resource and effort to be spent on addressing persistent problems.

"I am keen to support projects which not only alleviate problems now but also prevent them from happening in the first place, which is better for those affected by antisocial behaviour and reduces the demand for the police and partners.

"Our community safety partners work hard to make life better for local people and I want to support their efforts by funding schemes that complement and enhance their work. My team will work closely with partners to ensure the grants we distribute benefit the work already underway and maximise the impact and value of this funding for the public."

Calls in relation to antisocial behaviour have increased by almost 70% in the past year during the health crisis. This is also reflected in cases being managed by Derbyshire Victim's Services.

Antisocial Behaviour can affect individuals and communities and includes noise nuisance, neighbour disputes, threatening behaviour, litter/dog fouling, criminal damage/vandalism/graffiti and drug or alcohol misuse and fly-tipping.

The Commissioner aims to fund a variety of projects from sports and creative arts diversionary programmes through to media-themed intervention including radio/film making and is particularly keen to support applications from organisations that offer some level of matched funding.

Other projects could include drop-ins for young people, CCTV, community clean-ups, intergenerational schemes, mentoring projects, education initiatives and parental support programmes.

In addition to voluntary groups, the Commissioner would welcome applications from both Parish and Town Councils.

Applicants will need to provide evidence of a problem and propose community-based solutions including an emphasis on partnership working.

The deadline for you to apply is 10 September 2021. Full details and criteria are available at: www.derbyshire-pcc.gov.uk/asb

A video with Commissioner Angelique Foster, publicising the grant, is available here

Posted: Fri, 30 Jul 2021 10:34 by Loran Stonehouse

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