18th April 2024

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New wildflower meadows to be planted in Dronfield

New wildflower meadows to be planted in Dronfield

This spring will see the planting of more wildflower meadows in Dronfield, helping the local bee and butterfly populations to thrive.

Following positive feedback from residents, Dronfield Town Council has expanded its wildflower planting programme.

Seeds will be sown shortly after Easter with further meadows in Sindelfingen Park and a brand-new meadow will be taking root at Hilltop.

The meadows will be planted with a variety of annual and perennial seeds. It is hoped the new wildflower meadows will help restore habitats in the town for bees whose population has dramatically declined across the country in recent years.

The meadow will be a blaze of colour throughout the summer and buzzing with life, so keep an eye out for the wildflowers blooming across the town over the course of spring and summer.

Posted: Fri, 23 Apr 2021 16:00 by Loran Stonehouse

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