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Community News Feature of the Month

Community News Feature of the Month

A pathway to a cleaner and safer environment.

Dronfield Town Council has joined forces with The Lea Brook Valley Team and Dronfield Junior School to help in the construction of a circular path with a community garden on unused scrubland owned by Dronfield Town Council, which is situated behind Oaks Community Church.

Dronfield Town Council provided the funding required for the materials necessary to help create the circular footpath, which has transformed the unutilised land into a useable community space.

The area, which has now been transformed, is designed to provide a relaxing garden environment for the community to grow plants and produce, to become a haven for wildlife and insects and encourage walking to school which will subsequently help to:

  • Reduce road traffic on School Lane and Gledhill Close.
  • Provide health benefits for the community and improve wellbeing.
  • Reduce air pollution and improve air quality.

Leader of Dronfield Town Council, Councillor Angelique Foster, who has been supporting the project said, "This project is a wonderful example of Dronfield Junior School, The Lea Brook Valley Charity and Dronfield Town Council all working together to create something positive for the community."

She added, "This particular scheme will benefit the children who attend Dronfield Junior School. It is important that we provide our children with a safe route to school, and this new footpath has helped us achieve a route which is not only safer but a more pleasant journey all round and with the addition of the garden area in the centre of the field is had an added bonus that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike."

With lockdown restrictions now gradually easing, the community garden will be a good place to visit for everyone's wellbeing. Whether it is just to have a walk through and see the lovely plants and flowers, or to spend time relaxing and enjoy listening to the wildlife, it is a worthwhile part of our parish.

Posted: Fri, 19 Mar 2021

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