18th April 2024

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Dog Fouling

Dog fouling can cause serious health risks, particularly to children, due to the bacteria it contains. It also spoils the environment for all. Therefore, Dronfield Town Council currently provide 74 bins around the town for the safe disposal of dog foul - the locations of which can be seen in the document below. Hotspots can also be reported to North East Derbyshire District Council via the online dog fouling form(opens in a new window), 24/7 at your convenience.

The Law

In North East Derbyshire it is a criminal offence, under a Public Spaces Protection Order, to not clean up your dog's waste. If you are witnessed failing to clear your dog's waste, you will be issued with a £100 fixed penalty notice. The fixed penalty is an alternative to being taken to court.

Dog Bins Locations


Dronfield Town Council are registered as Low Tier Waste Carriers.

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