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Local Elections

Local Elections

Local elections will be held on Thursday 2nd May 2019. The Statement of Persons nominated in those Town and District elections can now be found on the homepage of the Town Council Website.

In order to vote at the forthcoming Town and District Council elections, you will need to be registered on the Electoral roll.

If you are registered, you will receive a card through the post before polling day. The card will give you details of the polling station that you need to attend to cast your vote. You can register online at your new address at www.gov.uk/registertovote or alternatively contact North East Derbyshire District Council for a printed form. Once an election has been called and you find out that you are not currently registered you can apply to register up to 12 days before the election.

Anyone included in the Register of Electors may apply for a postal vote (47kb). If you know that you will not be able to vote in person, you should apply for a postal vote as soon as an election is announced or as soon as you become aware that you will be out of the country on polling day. Postal votes can be sent to an address outside the UK - for example if you are going on holiday - but please remember that it will take time to get there and for you to return it in time for the vote to be counted.

Postal ballot papers are normally sent out a week or two before polling day (depending on when you send in your postal voting application), so if you will not be at home around that time you should consider appointing a proxy to vote on your behalf.

You may still be able to vote even if you are unable to get to your polling station on Election Day by applying for a proxy vote (17kb). (A proxy is someone who votes on your behalf). For example:

  • If you will be away on holiday (in the UK or abroad)
  • If your work takes you away from home
  • If you are ill or in hospital

Key Dates:

19-26 March - Start of Election Process with Notice of Election and start of Purdah

3 April (4pm) - Deadline for nominations or withdrawing nominations

4 April (4pm) - Statement of persons nominated published

24 April - Publications of notice of poll

2 May - Date of Election

13 May - First meeting - Annual Council meeting.

Following the election taking place Councillors officially retire on the 4th day after the election and new Councillors take office the same day. The only exception to this is the Chair and Vice Chair who remain in office until their successor is elected at the first meeting after the election.

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