Derbyshire Alerts

Derbyshire Alerts

Derbyshire Alert is a website/community network that allows Police and partner agencies such as Neighbourhood Watch, Action Fraud and Fire and Rescue Service to send out alerts. The alerts contain information regarding local crime information, appeals, updates to crimes and crime prevention advice for registered users. The information is usually received through means of email however may be through text alerts if urgent.

To register for these alerts is free. To register, a person must enter contact details, including home address, email and a contact number. This allows information to be sent to residents in specific areas and appeals can be sent to specific demographic groups. For example, residents with working CCTV, residents with dash cams or dog walkers. It also gives the user the ability to feedback to Police, with information about their specific area.

Derbyshire police are encouraging residents and businesses to sign up to Derbyshire Alerts.

You can sign up to the Derbyshire alerts through the following link:

For any further information or enquiries please see the website or contact the following email address:

Posted: Mon, 11 Feb 2019 13:11 by Jo Mitchell

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