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Dronfield Town Council employs a street cleaner. It also provides waste bins in the locations identified in this document:

Litter Picking - Community

Advice for individuals or groups organising a litter pick in the local area:

1. Choose a location

This could be a local area or get a group together and go further afield. Keep safe and don't trespass on private property, but otherwise, you may consider a residential street, woodland, or a town centre where you have the right of entry, and it is safe.

2. Check to see if there is already a local group.

There may already be groups litter picking in your area. You can check this by searching:

You may wish to let the group know your intentions.

3. Contact the landowners

Don't forget that you will need permission to litter pick as a group on private or public land. You may need to contact the local council, a farmer or other organisation. As an individual, you can litter pick where it is safe to do so and you have the right of access.

4. Carry out a risk assessment

Injuries and incidents can occur when groups (or individuals) are litter picking, so you should carry out a risk assessment to reduce any potential risk to participants – has a handy guide.

It may be advisable to stay away from busy roads, water, and other dangerous areas unless you are an organised group with experience. Also, do look out / stay clear of hazardous items like broken glass and syringes.

5. Choose a date and time for your litter pick

6. Gather your equipment

You will need bags, litter pickers, heavy-duty gloves, sturdy shoes, and maybe a hi-vis vest. Litter pickers and bags can be borrowed from the Council for free - please contact the office to arrange this.

7. Organise waste disposal

Please arrange to dispose of your waste collection appropriately and safely - a collection point for the bags/waste can be pre-arranged with the Council before your litter pick takes place.

Please do not leave bags/rubbish/waste anywhere without permission, as this will be seen as fly-tipping.

8. Arrange insurance cover

Insurance is your responsibility, but if you are a part of a large team this is worth considering.

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