Financial Information

The following six page document is a formal external assessment of the Council's spending.

Members Expenses

Dronfield Town Mayor currently receives an annual allowance of £3,000 which is payable monthly to help cover the expenses of attending many events throughout the year. This was agreed and passed by the Town Council at the July 2017 Council Meeting (minute reference 63/17-18).

No other members of the council receive any allowance or payments.

Budget & Precept

The following budget summary was prepared in January 2018. It contains precept information and estimates of income and expenditure for the financial year 2018-19.

The budget and precept were agreed at the January 2018 Council Meeting (minute references 200/17-18 and 201/17-18)

200/17-18 RESOLVED
That the budget for 2018/19 is approved.

201/17-18 RESOLVED
That a precept of £808,956 is requested from North East Derbyshire District Council.


This one page documents lists various grant spending.

Financial Regulations

The Financial Regulations can be found below and were adopted at the November 2017 Council Meeting (minute reference 147/17-18)

147/17-18 RESOLVED
To adopt the revised Financial Regulations as presented.