Serving the people of Dronfield

Climate Emergency

At the September 2019 Council Meeting, Dronfield Town Council declared a climate emergency and resolved to take action, to the best of its ability, to help towards achieving a shift to zero carbon emissions by 2050, or sooner if possible.

It resolved to work within its remit to contribute to the targets as set out within government policies and will endeavour to reduce its carbon emissions accordingly.

The Council will also help promote and encourage environmentally friendly initiatives that will contribute to the protection of the local environment.

This follows on from the creation of the Environmental Advisory Committee early in 2019, whose remit is as follows;

  1. To consider matters of policy related to environmental services provided by the Town Council.
  2. To review possible environmental initiatives that the Town Council could undertake now and in the future.
  3. To recommend to the Budget Committee the budget required to undertake environmental initiatives in any one year.
  4. To make recommendations on the environmental impact of the Town Council's services and activities.

Ongoing activities and those already undertaken

Details of some of the activities already undertaken can be seen below;

- LED lighting has been installed throughout the car park and within Gosforth Lodge at Cliffe Park.

- A number of trees have been given away to local residents as part of the Town Councils ongoing Tree Planting Project in partnership with Ferndale Garden Centre.

- New trees have been planted in Sindelfingen Park and more are planned for Birches Fold play area.

- Quotes are being gathered to consider the installation of electrical vehicle charging points in car parks owned by the Town Council.

- An electrical vehicle is used by the Town Council's outside services team.

- Discussions are ongoing with Derbyshire County Council with regards to installing 'no idling' signage outside local schools.

- A wild flower meadow was planted within Sindelfingen Park and Hilltop, this is to be an annual fixture.

- A grant has been given to the Lea Brook Valley project to provide all the materials to improve a footpath, which will hopefully encourage more people to walk to a local school.

- A grant has been given to support a local community event being organised by Plastic Free Dronfield.

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